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Metabele ants (M. analis) in sub-Saharan Africa have been observed triaging wounded brethren and transporting moderately wounded home to the nest.  Considering only about 13 new adults mature daily, it's worth the colonies' efforts to treat the injured.  The 'treatment' involves wound licking.  This would drop the mortality rate from 80% to 10% if the treatment was allowed to complete.

Researchers in the U.K. have found that wounds heal 60% faster during the day than at night!

Researchers using muon tomography have detected a large 'void' or 'cavity' within the Great Pyramid of Giza!  It's approximately 30 metres long and is located above the Grand Gallery (which measures about 47 metres in length). As it stands they can only speculate to its purpose.

A meteor found in Labrador, Canada that was the size of a small-city, hit with so much force that it heated surrounding rocks to 2,370C!  The hottest temperature every known for the surface of the Earth.  When the rock was examined it was found to be composed of partially melted, cubic zirconia, a mineral with an extremely high melting point.

African wild dogs have been observed using sneezing as an act of communicating.  The rate of sneezes increases before the group moves off to hunt.  When the dominant male or female sneezes, they seem to hold more weight, having to only sneeze a few times before the group moves off as opposed to the usual 10.

A controversial study suggests humans reached the Americas 100,000 years earlier than thought!  Broken mastodon bones, large broken rocks and worn rocks suggest hominid activity.  Dating was challenging due to the inability to use radiocarbon however it was a method using radioactive uranium and thorium suggesting the bones were 130,000 years old.  The claim is contentious with experts questioning why there was no evidence of scraping or other tool use on the bones to remove the meat.

City birds in Mexico City have been seen tearing apart cigarette butts and using those contents to build their nests. It's been hypothesized that this is because the butts protect the nests from parasites that would otherwise harm the chicks.

Due to the disconnect between internal and external stimuli, some people with Schizophrenia can tickle themselves.

Scientists have finally created metallic hydrogen!  Using two artificial diamonds with flat bottoms, they squeezed super-cooled hydrogen to 500 GPa (5 millions times atmospheric pressure).  Observations with lasers suggest that the gaseous hydrogen has solidified to a metal as shiny as aluminum.

An excavation in France has found Neanderthals 50,000 years ago were using chunks of manganese oxides likely for its ability to reduce the auto-ignition temperature of wood thus making it easier to start a fire.  Manganese dioxide has found found in fire places further supporting their argument.

A study from Florida State University found that water can be found 400 - 600 km into the Earth's mantle!  It was initially thought increasing pressures would break down the water molecule.  However, minerals such as brucite can store water and allow for "flow" of the earth's crust.  It's hypothesized an entire ocean of water is composed within the earth's crust.

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