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About Us...

Bright Guy's purpose is to stir curiosity, research and, hopefully, learning!  Established in 2000, full-scale online operations commenced in 2004.  In 2005, Bright Guy merged with BB Educational Resources.

Bright Guy has evolved since its inception.  The 'aha', energy-efficient compact fluorescent light bulb reinforces our commitment to new and advancing science and technologies.  We believe the newest logo fully captures our organization's essence including the 'B' and 'G' of Bright Guy in red and blue respectively.  The 'G' and '?' come to form a light bulb with the 'B' acting as the filament.  The '?' reinforces the natural curiosity of our organization and, hopefully, our visitors.  Lastly, the shape of the unified 'G' and '?' form a shape similar to a cross-section of the human brain and medulla.  We hope you like it.

Originally Bright Guy consisted of only three pages:  Astronomy, Biology, and History.  As facts started pouring in, additional pages were required.
  • Ancient History - contains facts relating to human existence before the Renaissance
  • Modern History - this broad category hosts historical facts from the Renaissance to the present
  • H. s. sapiens - hosts facts specific to us, the human species
  • Aquatic Biology - contains facts specific to the kingdoms of Animalia, protista, archaea, and bacteria primarily residing in aquatic environments
  • Terrestrial Biology - contains facts specific to the kingdoms of Animalia, protista, archaea, and bacteria primarily residing in terrestrial environments
  • Environment - includes facts on geology, meteorology, plantae, and fungi
  • Physical sciences - our NEWEST page! Thanks to the suggestion of a visitor, this page is dedicated to chemistry and physics
  • Space - contains facts with relevance to astronomy and astrology

BB Educational Resources is an organization that consults on and develops educational materials.  The majority of our work is in the form of electronic presentations, summative documents, and online content management.  In 2004, BB Educational Resources merged with Bright Guy after it was recognized that there was significant overlap between the educational material and the facts hosted by Bright Guy.

We support the participation of the Internet community at large.  Visitors with facts or ideas of their own can submit them to us where we will validate and post them!  This process is not without flaws, if you find that there are facts that are incorrect please feel free to let us know, and we will be happy to remedy the issue.

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